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What is Shiksha Mitra?
Shiksha Mitra is a deemed overseas educational consultancy which provides guidance to the students who are willing to pursue their medical or engineering from Russian universities at a cost-effective price.

What is the minimum eligibility to get admission in any of the colleges of Russia?
Passed intermediate with minimum 50% marks (40% in case of SC/ST candidates) in Physics, Chemistry and biology taken together. Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry in case of B.Tech.

When does the academic year starts in universities of Russia?
The academic year in nearly all the universities of Russia happen to begin in the month of september.

Can education loan be availed for the courses in russian universities and how ?
Studies in Russia assists the students to pull together all the required documents to avail an education loan and the process involved in sanctioning of the loan.

Are there eateries which provide food native to my country ?
There are ample of eateries students can choose from. Finding a Tiffin service in Russia which provides food of your choice is not a daunting task. Also, you can choose from various low cost Russian eateries around the campus which serve ingeniously tasty food.

What languages are commonly spoken in Russia?
The official language of Russia is Russia. However, languages like English, French, German, Polish and Hungarian are also natively spoken.

Russia is known to have a pretty cold weather. Do colleges provide with facilities and resources to support the living in such severely cold weather ?
To ensure that you are as comfortable as you can be all the buildings, hostels and classrooms are centrally heated. Students have access to centrally heated hostels and 24×7 running hot and cold water.

What is the duration of the courses ?
Engineering courses – Bachelor degree course – 4 years Masters degree course – 2 years Medical courses – MBBS – 6 years BDS and pharmacy course – 5 years [ time duration of these courses are exclusive of the extra 10 month preparatory courses for those who incline to study their course in Russian language.

Are Russian degrees recognized and valued worldwide?
Yes, they are recognized and valued worldwide.

Can I apply for the work permit in Russia after completion of my program?
Yes, Universities itself offer job placements in Russia and various other western countries.

Is there a compulsion of entrance test for admission in Russian universities?
There isn’t any requirement of entrance examination like TOEFL, IELTS etc to get admission in Russian Universities. Admissions are given on the basis of marks acquired in 12th for graduation in Russian universities and graduation degree for post graduation courses.

Courses are taught in which language ?
Courses are mainly taught in Russian and English language. Russian universities provide preparatory course for people who don’t speak Russian as their mother tongue to make them comprehend the language.

Will I face hazing/ragging in the college ?
Ragging and hazing is strictly prohibited and against the law in any of the colleges of Russian universities. However, if any student is caught being indulged in such activities he/she will be outright expelled from college.

Can I work in Russia whilst studying there ?
No, students are abstained from working while studying in Russia, because they were granted a student visa and not a work visa. However, any individual can apply for work visa in Russia after the completion of the course.

What is the standard monthly expense in Russia ?
For students from other countries in Russia it costs an average of 300$-400$ per month to live a normal life.

What is the currency of Russia ?
The currency used in Russia is Rube and the coins are known as Kopiyka. 1 USD is equivalent to 57 rupees (approximately).

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