MBBS in Kazakhastan

Give shape to your medical aspirations with top-notch MBBS courses in Kazakhastan!

Kazakhastan is one of the most desired destinations to pursue MBBS degrees from. With a population of around 18.2 million, there is a lot to the rich Republic of Kazakhastan. This large country is not just tourist friendly, but is even known for its royal Kazakh traditions. The transportation in Kazakhastan is based mostly on the public transport facilities offered here. Further, Kazakhastan is a very safe country as compared to other European and Asian countries and thus attracts loads of students from various parts of the world. It is home to some of the most reputed medical universities in the world. This country boasts an inrush of around 60,000 students from countries like India, US, Nepal, etc. The affordable nature of tuition fee accompanied with certified quality medical training makes Kazakhastan an alluring place for MBBS courses. MBBS admission in Kazakhastan is backed with Government support, study infrastructure, expert faculty and ease of access. The quality of education given in these universities is at par with that of the medical colleges in US and UK. These factors pave way for more students applying each year for a seat in medical universities of Kazakhastan.   

Student life in Kazakhastan

Kazakhastan is a student-friendly destination and quite a treat for all the medical students studying here. The Universities in Kazakhastan are renowned for their globally recognized courses like MBBS and MD. There is an inflow of students from across the borders thereby making cultural and ethical exchange possible. These universities believe in holistic development of their medical aspirants and hence organize various workshops and seminar to inculcate mental and physical well-being. Students from India can easily understand the lectures given in English and even relish Indian food easily. As far as the climate is concerned, students will experience extremities in both summers and winters. With low-cost accommodations, students can bear the expenses fairly. They can hang out at coffee joints, shopping malls, beautiful streets of Kazakhastan where elegance is present in abundance. To fuel their festive frenzy, students can partake in cultural events hosted by universities and mingle with students from other backgrounds as well.

Reasons for studying MBBS in Kazakhastan

Pursuing medical degrees from international universities is a toilsome task. In order to reap out the most benefits from your medical university, one has to ensure that it offers first-class education that too at affordable prices. MBBS courses given in the universities of Kazakhastan give away the perfect combination needed in medical studies. They not only offer certified education but also give a subsidy in costs. Accommodation facilities for students in Kazakhastan are also priced at reasonable amounts to slash the burden off them. Acquiring MBBS and MD degrees from the universities in Kazakhastan is equivalent to a prosperous medical career ahead. MBBS and MD courses in Kazakhastan are opted by millions of students worldwide owing to the reasons given below: 

  • No Donation required
  • NEET entrance exam seldom needed
  • Simple admission process conducted on competitive basis
  • Cheaper course fee
  • Degrees with global recognition from WHO, MCI, UNESCO, etc.
  • Indian food available in most of the universities
  • Trouble free visa procedures
  • Government backed Universities
  • 100% passing record in MCI Screening Tests
  • Excellent exposure with practical knowledge
  • 1:10 teacher-student ratio

With all the above mentioned reasons into consideration, MBBS in Kazakhastan is an ideal preference over the expensive medical colleges in India. Because of similar reasons, there is a tough competition for getting into the medical universities in Kazakhastan.

List of Medical Universities in Kazakhastan for Indian students

Study in Kazakhastan consultants in India has all the information like MBBS in Kazakhastan for Indian students fee structure and they help in successful admissions. Overseas education consultants in Kazakhastan have handpicked few of the Medical Universities that will be ideal for Indian students. These have been mentioned below:    

  • JSC Astana Medical University- The University imparts first-class medical education with curriculum which lies in accordance with international standards and modern infrastructure. The medical degrees like MBBS/MD acquired from Astana Medical University are authorized by world’s top organizations like WHO, UNESCO, and MCI. The university is authorized by Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Kazakhastan Russian Medical University- Admissions at Kazakhastan Russian Medical University are made on a competitive basis. The quality of medical teaching is A1 and given by more than 200 lecturers, most of whom are reputed foreign scientists, doctors and well-known Kazakhstanis. The students practice and study here with the aid of academic mobility programs.
  • Karaganda State Medical University, Kazakhastan- This University has been ranked 8thbest university in the country. 50% marks in PCB along with NEET examination are required for admission in MBBS course. 

Those who are willing to dig out more information related to MBBS in Kazakhastan, the Medical University in Kazakhastan for Indian Students or the MBBS fee/s in Kazakhastan can get in touch with Study abroad consultants in Delhi for Kazakhastan. They have all the necessary information and possess up-to-date fee structures, education pattern details and visa helpline. You can rely on Study Abroad consultants for Kazakhastan to gain insight on much-reputed Medical education in Kazakhastan and apply within time for a hassle-free admission procedure.  



  1. Are universities in Kazakhastan offering world standard medical education?

Yes, Kazakh Universities have concretized the quality of their education in coherence with global standards. 

  1. Are the MBBS and MD courses in Kazakhastan recognized by the international medical bodies?

Yes, all the MBBA and MD courses available at the Universities in Kazakhastan have been approved by international institutions like UNESCO, FAIMER, WHO and MCI.

  1. Is it tough to get admission in MBBS in universities of Kazakhastan?

Getting into the universities is there is quite easy provided the student fulfils all the criteria for eligibility.

  1. Is pursuing MBBS or MD is costly in Kazakhastan?

Absolutely not since the universities here have lesser tuition fee than private medical colleges in India.

  1. Is the installment payment option is available for paying the tuition fee?

Yes. The option for paying through installments is possible.

  1. What are the arrangements regarding accommodation for medical students in Kazakhastan?

Universities in Kazakhastan provide students with hostel facilities for a separate fee. However, if the students want they can rent some other accommodation outside the college premises.

  1. What about the social life there?

Kazakhastan is populated by generous and friendly people. There are numerous historical places to be explored by students.  

  1. Will the university help me in opening a bank account?

Yes, the students are guided by the university with bank opening procedures but with a few conditions in mind.

  1. Is TOEFL or IELTS is mandatory for admission in Kazakhastan?

No, the eligibility in these universities is not affected by such language tests. Further, there is a provision for choosing English as the medium of study for students from other countries.

  1. Can I practice in India?

Yes, you can practice anywhere in India after passing the MCI screening test successfully.

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At Shiksha Mitra we believe that studying in reputed medical universities is equivalent to successful medical careers. Our teams of proficient education consultants enable the fulfillment of millions of students who want to study in different countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhastan to pursue degrees like MBBS, MD, etc. We render full support to our clients and provide them with excellent guidance through updated information from esteemed universities. Our renowned education programs include free counseling sessions, visa assistance, registrations, fee structures, academic curriculums and more. So contact us without any delay!  

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