MBBS in Russia – Top medical university in russia for indian students

A new destination for the medical students, have you reviewed MBBS courses in Russia?

Russia is a popular destination for many international students who want to pursue MBBS. Russia has a population of more than 130 million. Russian people are very easy going and traditional. The country cordially welcomes people from other culture. The country has a highly developed, government-backed transportation system. The Government also takes care of the health and wellness of citizens and visitors seriously. The universities here are making every effort to be compatible with the top ranking universities of the world.

There are 65 universities in Russia that offer state-of-the-art medical education. Several universities are even considered among the top 30 universities of the world. There are 15 universities that are offering medical education in English helping the international students avail top-quality medical education. MBBS in Russia is a preferred destination for international students due to its subsidized fee compared to the other Western countries, strong infrastructure, and world-class faculty. The quality of education is quite high combined with low cost. In all the Russian Medical Universities, the ratio of student to teacher is almost 7:1 signifying intensive individualized teaching which is another reason that students from 170 countries enter Russia for medical education.

Student life in Russia

Russia is a popular destination among medical students from all over the world. The students who want to study MBBS apply in the various medical universities located in Russia every year. The Russian medical universities are well recognized worldwide. The quality of education is quite high. These universities follow an international curriculum. The Russian Government keeps a close watch on these universities and maintains a high standard of medical education. Every year several students from countries such as India, Pakistan, Nepal, South Africa, and other countries travel to Russia. The medical students enjoy a happy and healthy life in Russia. They get the best accommodation at a low price. The students can enjoy the multicultural environment in these universities. Moreover, students participate in many festivals and cultural events organized by medical universities.

Why study MBBS in Russia?

Medical Study is easy for a student in Russia because a student can directly take MBBS admission in Russia without any entrance examination. MBBS fee/s in Russia is quite low in comparison to other European countries and America. The Russian Government offers subsidy in education. Since the medical courses are approved by international bodies like WHO, IMED, and MCI,  a student can easily practice anywhere in the world after passing MBBS or MD from this country. These universities offer quality medical education. Moreover, students get furnished hostel facilities with good quality food. Medical Education in Russia is preferred by the students due to the following reasons:

·         No Donation and No Entrance Exam

·         Easy Admission Procedure

·         Subsidized course fee

·         Degrees are recognized worldwide.

·         Availability of Indian Canteen in the leading universities

·         100% Guarantee of Visa

·         They are Government Universities of Russia

·         Excellent Result during MCI Screening Test

Moreover, studying MBBS in Russia is much better compared to paying Hidden Charges to Indian Medical Colleges. There is a continuous flow of Indian students in this country on a large scale.

List of medical universities in Russia for Indian students

 Study abroad Consultants for India names some of the Medical Universities in Russia for Indian Students as follows:

·         Russia National Research medical University- WHO has accredited this university with A++ grade because of its library size, campus infrastructure, and teaching quality.

·         People Friendship University- This university is located in Moscow and has alumni exceeding 20,000 medical professionals. This university has specialization in Paediatric, Therapeutic, and Micro Biology for post graduation courses too.

·         Crimea Federal University- It is a government university and one of the best medical colleges taught completely in English. It is MCI approved.

You can know about MBBS in Russia for India Students fee structure in details through Study abroad consultants in Delhi for Russia. If you want to know the complete break-up of the fee structure to study MBBS in Russia you can get the details from Overseas Education Consultants in Russia. There are several education consultants such as Study in Russia consultants in India that offer information on various educational courses including MBBS.


1.      Are Russian universities offering world standard medical education?

 Yes, the quality of education that the Russian universities offer is indeed world standard.

2.      Are the MBBS and MD courses in Russia recognized by the international medical bodies?

Yes, all the MBBA and MD courses that students pursue in different Russian universities are approved by several international bodies including IMED, MCI, and WHO.

3.      Is it tough to get admission in MBBS in a Russian university?

Not at all. However, you will be asked to appear in a test that will assess the standard of education you have received in your home country.

4.      Is pursuing MBBS or MD is costly in Russia?

No. In fact, Russian universities offer medical education at much cheaper prices in comparison to other European countries and the USA.

5.      Is the installment payment option is available for paying the tuition fee?

Yes. Installment payment option in easy terms and conditions is available.

6.      What about the accommodation facility for medical students in Russia?

Universities have their own accommodation facilities for medical students. In extreme case, if you don’t obtain any accommodation in the university campus, there are plenty of other accommodations available for the students.

7.      What about the social life there?

Russia has a rich cultural heritage. People there are very friendly and easily mingle with foreigners.

8.      Will the university help me to open a bank account?

Of course, they will. You will get a bank account within a few days after arriving in Russia.

9.      Is TOEFL or IELTS is mandatory for admission in Russia?

No, the universities don’t demand these certifications. However, if you want to study in English medium, you have to pursue an English course before your MBBS program starts.

10.  Can I obtain Russian citizenship?

Yes, you can apply for Russian citizenship after 2 years of regular stay in that country. There are some other rules too that you have to follow.

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